Workshops - Overview

The overall intent of the informant design workshops was to create the tensional conditions in which learners' identities would shift. Our intent of the workshops were to:-

  • provide an alternative environment for the learning of geography
  • re-cast the 'role' of geography students
  • enable shifting of their learner identities from being passive recipients of knowledge, to taking-on the role of empowered and acknowledge 'experts' in their own rights, who would always be able to make some contribution to the development of knowledge in their community of learning (be it their team, class or any other group).

We also recognized how the students, having their own rich funds of knowledge, would be able to tap these resources, and we expect them to dynamically position themselves in particular cultural practices and negotiate the various tensions in working towards their personal and group goals. Thus, the workshops were intended to create commonalities of experiences amongst the students so as to foreground learners' voices.

Up to date, we have conducted 5 workshops in various locations around Singapore. More details can be found by clicking on the workshop links.