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Game Screenshots

Main Login Screen

Dialogue screen
A Palaeontologist will guide users through the game by providing hints and also a quick overview on the game 

Main Map View
The main map view is a 10x10 tile. The land changes dynamically over time. Do not be surprised if a new mountain appears after some time. The changes will occur close to the Convergent and Divergent boundaries where plate tectonics are most active

Mini Games
The mini game allows players to earn coins to start the excavation process or purchase Earth changing effects. 

Excavating for fossils
Players can excavate for fossils by viewing the property of each tile. Each tile gives a cross sectional view of the terrain and the layers underneath it. The probability of fossils in each layer of soil is displayed so players can make an informed choice when excavating the fossils.  

Earth changing forces - rain

There are occasions where fossils are buried in deeper layers in the ground. Players can use the earth changing forces to erode away the different layers of soil.  

Before applying Earth Changing Forces (Rain, Wind and Convergent Plate Movement)
Earth changing forces can be applied to various tiles in the map. A convergent plate force has been applied to the top right hand corner of the screenshot above which would raise the landscape. The rain would erode away 

After applying Earth changing forces
Note the changes that have occurred on the landscape after the Earth changing forces has been applied.

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